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When we started Spring Tours over 35 years ago, the Egyptian travel industry was still in its infancy, with almost no established schools or institutions to provide us with adequately qualified staff members, information sources, or connections to the global travel industry. Despite how difficult it was to build a leading travel company from the ground up with such lack of essential resources, this gave us a single-minded focus to achieve our main goal: meticulous attention to the smallest details to ensure a trouble-free vacation for our guests. To attain this objective, the most logical path to us at Spring Tours was to invest in ambitious, enthusiastic and hard working people who now form the main asset of the company.

Hospitality in Egypt is exceptionally important and part of the Egyptian personality. I simply tried to apply this in Spring Tours. Although applying such a cherished value to a very competitive market was not easy, we are proud to say that our staff members treat our guests as if they were home.

Now, with more than 1128 staff members and more than 150,000 guests annually, I still enjoy being among our guests despite the in-office demands of the job, perhaps helping a senior guest (like myself!) with her or his luggage or chatting with them about their own experience with us. We believe that such close communication and interaction with our clients is an important key to success.

With more travelers coming to Egypt every year, we are constantly trying to find new ways and promote awareness on environmental conservation, sustaining our national treasures for generations.

Egypt is fascinating and unique example of long, rich history. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Egypt, and hope we will be able to share some of the country's treasures, magic and charm with you,

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